The beautiful countryside surrounding Ballater is bursting with opportunities for adventure and scenic walks. Our skyline is filled with mountain scenes, including the stunning Lochnagar, giving you plenty to tick off your walking list. It doesn’t stop up high; there are plenty of paths and trails waiting for you! The high mountains are set back behind rolling foothills clad luxuriantly in Scots pine, and the mighty river sweeps past Balmoral Castle en route to Ballater. As well as the pinewoods there are stunning lochs. Amongst them is Loch Muick, stern and majestic, whilst Loch Kinord is more intimate, fringed by the beautiful birchwoods of the Muir of Dinnet. To the south is the Mounth, a range of plateaux almost as extensive as the Cairngorms themselves, all presided over by the grand peak of Lochnagar.

You’re guaranteed that, no matter the season, a country walk will be just around the corner. Take a leisurely stroll along meandering river banks, make steps through captivating forests and tread on exposed paths with a hidden incline to challenge, our countryside is packed with routes of escapism and adventure. The 41 mile long Deeside way is a popular route which follows the line of the Old Royal Deeside Railway and takes walkers on a scenic route from Aberdeen to Ballater. You can download a copy of our Ballater Paths Leaflet Here.