Find your Light

Imagine a place where the winter sunrise lights up the mountains, follows the rivers, and filters through native woodlands, awakening wildlife to a new day.

A place where Mother Nature conducts the orchestra, and we can only be inspired.

Our existence in the mountains is temporary, our presence felt only for a moment in time.

At the close of day, we leave only footprints behind, but have our memories to share with loved ones.

The East Cairngorms is teeming with wildlife visible wherever you respectfully wander.

Plan your Wildlife and Nature adventures using the map below

Find your light in the East Cairngorms where you can enjoy an abundance of wildlife and nature enhancing your wellbeing.

We encourage responsible tourism and we are passionate about sustaining our wildlife and their natural habitat.

Learn more and see more with our expert guides in Ballater and Braemar.

Or explore independently and spend your day ‘spotting’ red squirrels, pine martens, red deer, roe deer, ptarmigan, mountain hares, birds of prey and many others.

After feeling the exhilaration of connecting with nature, you will be hungry to enjoy our highland hospitality in warm and cosy interiors, ending your day with a sense of being more at one with nature

The East Cairngorms is waiting to be discovered.

Imagine More.

Arrange your Wildlife and Nature experience using the trail map today.

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