Ballater Resilience Group

CONTACT: Linda Drever


Community Resilience is an initiative supported by local, Scottish, and the UK governments originating from the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. The principle is that communities develop a local plan so that they can help themselves during an emergency in a way that complements, but in no way replaces, the response of the emergency services and other responders. The purpose of the local plan is to:
▪ raise awareness and understanding of the local risks and emergency response capability in order to motivate and support self-help
▪ increase individual, family and community resilience against emergencies
▪ provide a framework for the delivery of a resilient community plan
▪ commence self-help arrangements until support from the emergency services or other agencies is in place.

The Group published a leaflet. Ballater Resilience Plan

Advice on Adverse Weather Preparation can be found here