Ballater (RD) Limited

Organising community projects in the Ballater area

Ballater (RD) seeks to enhance the experience of Ballater for residents and visitors alike in a variety of ways:

  • We organise and support regular events such as the walking week, duck festival and Mucklefest


  • We collaborate with Aberdeenshire Council to run the regular A2B bus service from Braemar to Ballater as well as being the catalyst to establish the monthly Job Club


  • We raise money for local clubs and associations and are taking on bigger projects such as raising funds to get the Cambus o’May footbridge repaired and operational after the Storm Frank flood;


  • At any one time, we are actively working on new projects to improve recreational facilities and events, protect the environment for future generations and promote a sense of belonging and community. You can read more about our activities elsewhere in the website.
Anderson Road, Ballater
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