Ballater Hardship Fund

As we enjoy the holiday spirit, let’s not forget that some people might be facing food insecurity at this time. With the hugest generosity and support of the community and local businesses
Ballater Food Pantry are preparing and giving Christmas food parcels to help put food on tables in our community. ☺
🎅 Would you like one of our delicious Christmas food parcels? please contact Jo Croll- details are below.
🎅Would you like to help by donating? All donations will go towards produce and allow the food bank to reach more people in need.
🎅Can you help? every contribution, big or small can make a massive difference. By supporting Ballater Food Pantry you are not just providing food but also hope and comfort during challenging times.
Let’s spread the joy this festive season and make a positive impact.
Together we can create a stronger community!