CAP’s bring a variety of benefits, not least the ability to coordinate all village efforts in progressing mutually beneficial village projects and seeking funding, as well as gaining assistance from the local authorities who require a demonstrated community voice when it comes to supporting projects and initiatives.


The Ballater and Crathie Community Action Plan (CAP) 2023 will define the focus areas for the next five years for the following community groups:
Ballater & Crathie Community Council
Ballater (RD) Ltd
Visit Ballater Business Association
The Victoria & Albert Halls (Ballater) Trust
The Ballater Community & Heritage Hub


Our Community consists of all ages from 0 to 100+ years.

If you are over 16 years we need your feedback.  Influence your future NOW.

This is your final chance to influence the Community Action Plan 2023.

Based on Community Feedback in January / February  regarding

1.Recreation & Social Life

2.Ballater Community & Heritage Hub

3.The Economy

4.The Environment (incl Flooding)

5.Community Support



The Draft Community Action Plan is available online Here

To give your feedback please complete this survey Ballater CAP review – There are only 3 Questions – so please take this final opportunity to influence our CAP. 

We look forward to hearing from you

Richard Frimston Chair CAP Team

 To learn more about the 2023 CAP and the CAP team keep checking this page and the Facebook Page


Ballater has had previous Action plans:
The 2009/2010 BOVOF project can be viewed here
The 2018 CAP can be viewed here. The Ballater and Crathie Community Action Plan 2018 has now been broadly delivered and will be officially closed when we launch the new plan for 2023.
To see what we have achieved since 2018 see below…